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Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests: Eps 12 - Tabitha St. Germain

Filed under: Podcasts — March 8, 2008 @ 12:31 am

Ah, T-Bone (one of our many affectionate names for Tabitha). She is always a treat!

Ok guys, contest time! Be sure to join the Voiceprint Facebook pageĀ (do a search for Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and it will show up). Everyone who joins the page will be entered into a draw for a fabulous prize: an autographed CD of a Voiceprint episode of your choice! Feel free to add appropriate pics/videos/drawings - I’ll be watching for them!

The first draw will happen on Sunday March 23.

Also, if you can send me a link/webpage/picture/soundbyte/anything else you can think of that shows you promoting the show somehow, you’ll be eligible for the grand prize draw at the end of our season: a CD of all the Voiceprint episodes, fully autographed by all the guests! Even if that means something as simple as a link on a blog, that’ll qualify - so get on it today!

Our next episode is going to be a fun (and unique) one…check back here in a week or so for details!

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