Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests Eps 24 – Alessandro Juliani

A fine, fine episode with a fine, fine actor. And now it’s all yours – free of charge!

Our next guest is the lovely, the talented, the much spoke-of… Gary Chalk! As always send in your questions to voiceprint@trevordevall.com, and any other mail can go to me at fans@trevordevall.com.

Try and get your questions for Gary in before December, folks. I gotta get this one done before Xmas, because there won’t be another Voiceprint (probably) until April 2010! Yes, that winter monster, the 2010 Olympics will upon us here in rainy Vancouver, and that means Trev will be long gone from this crowded, insane, police-state of a city during that time. So… send in the questions for Gary, because there’s gonna be an even LONGER wait than usual for the one after that…

Nov 3 2009 webmaster Category: Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and Guests

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