Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests: Eps 13 – Behind the Toronto Con

A very special episode detailing the behind-the-scenes goodness that is the guest’s experience at a convention. Brian Dobson and myself joined Chris Patton, Michael Sinterniklaas, and Chris Sabat at the 2008 Animecon in Toronto, and much revelry was had by all. Hope this gives you a glimpse of what it’s like on “the other side” of the panelist table!

(And special thanks to Andrew Mortimer for the promo!)

WARNING: In our “revelry”, a few naughty words may have slipped out… I think I caught all of them, but sometimes they get by me.

Also, the episode file on the website is fairly big…so if it takes a sec to load, just give it a moment.

And in other news… a winner of the first Voiceprint contest has been drawn! For simply joining the show’s Facebook page, our winner will have a specially signed copy of any Voiceprint episode they want sent to them on CD. And our winner is…

Courteney Hawkeye from Calgary, Alberta! Congratulations! Be sure to email me your preferred episode and mailing information so I can get the autographed CD out to you (send to voiceprint@trevordevall.com).

Thanks to everyone who joined!

I’ll be doing another draw in a few months – and then, at the end of the season, I’ll make our Grand Prize draw for an autographed compilation of all the Voiceprint episodes!

And now, back to regular programming. Our next guest will be Terry Klassen, voice director extraordinaire. Send me your questions to voiceprint@trevordevall.com today!

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